Friday, 9 September 2011

New Comer

Hey Web GEEKS, you guys are expecting a new blog from us here at Digital Mushroom when the fact is we not going to give you information based on a new product or advertise our company. If you like us awesome, if you dont so WHAT! Just read my damn blog! You all ready know what Digital Mushroom is all about if you read the previous blog or home page information.

We are a very small company and we do create quite a few websites. I will upload some of the websites we have already created onto the gallery page and you can have a look at it. Please let me know what you think so we can improve where we need to.

Also feel free to leave any comments on any of our pages and we will return the favour. You can also look us up on facebook (Digital Mushroom) and Twitter (_Gold2) for more information about our company and products. If any one is intrested in our designs please look to our contact page to find out how you can get hold of us.

THanks for wasting your time reading this blog and please come back to read the next time wasting blog here at Digital Mushroom...Safety  ()      ()
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  1. Cool text hand, will definitely read again soon